Luring you like luscious candy in the storefront windows locks in the eyes and steers desires of a child with a pronounced sweet tooth unable to resist temptation; with all it’s flavors, whether sweet or sour, bitter or salty, spicy, hot or cold – the whole gamut of experiences and impressions turned into memories, flashbacks and dreams – a seductive myth that draws you in and infects the subconscious like an incurable virus – it stays with you forever – Berlin.

I love Berlin. There is just a long history that I have with this city and I’ve been able to witness it transform throughout the years. And I was lucky enough to experience Berlin from very different perspectives – as a Berliner, as a tourist and as an artist.

This painting is an Hommage to this great city of Berlin. It is a collection of my impressions spun like an intricate spider web onto a canvas of spontaneity, time, passion and persistence.

I leave the definition and images to your imagination…

“Berlin Candy”, oil on canvas, 100*100cm, 2018-2019

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