We live in fast paced world, yet sometimes it's good to slow down, take a step back and consider things from a different perspective. I am grateful to have witnessed how my paintings inspire contemplation, conversations, delve into open minds, let people search for personal interpretations and discover amazing stories. I am on a mission to sow seeds of rumination far beyond my lifetime.
We write history and we preserve it for our heirs - I use art to create my legacy. As much as time is the great equalizer delimiting our beginning and the end, through Art we are timeless.

What they say:
I have heard about Kirill Marlinski before, but in a context not connected to Art. He became one of the founders of NGO "Automaidan Kyiv" during the Revolution of Dignity. Later he toured across Europe with the volunteer-run "West Wing Project" to acquaint Europeans with an unknown Ukraine, which is fighting for freedom, liberty, for Europe. However, his mentions of these services and other merits were not ostentatious. Kirill turned out surprisingly modest - this polyglot and intellectual from Kyiv.
"After Maidan something changed within me," - confesses Marlinski. - "I couldn't just make money any longer. I left a good carreer… now I only do Art and feel absolutely gratified." 
Neither did he brag about his new calling turning out very successful. Just in three years his works have been displayed at several galleries including the Art Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine) and the famous contest-festival ArtPrize7 (Grand Rapids, MI, USA). Marlinski's artworks are in private collections in the USA, Germany, Japan, as well as, in the French Embassy in Ukraine. The artist creates stunning, masterful, neo-expressionist works, skillfully playing with color and the sub-conscious. 
The Marlinski sense of color is amazing: the harmony of vivid, bold combinations brings to mind the canvases of the legendary Vasily Kandinsky. Well, as for the power of influence on the audience, the Kiev artist owes it to a notable love of optical illusions, Op art and a working "game" with mythological, poetical characters and images. For example, his series "The Great Unmasking" is much more than a "shamanic" geometry of masks - figures keep emerging from the background as if they escaped a dream. You view the painting as if you are listening to a fantastic story.

- Anna Parovatkina, День (En. DAY newspaper), Kyiv, Ukraine

What's he been up to…
MMXX is the birth year of https://marlinski.art
-- Arising new dualism of kirillmarlinski.com VS marlinski.art
-- Passive Catalogue Raisonné VS Active Opportunity & Ownership

Solo Exhibitions
2017-2018 “Great Unmasking” at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2016 “Present” at Frenchie’s (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Group Shows
2018 "Wild Stories" at Pavlovka Art Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2015 Charity show for Children’s Cardiologic Center at Art Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2015 “Passacaglia” oil painting at ArtPrize (Grand Rapids, MI, USA)

2014 “The West Wing Project” in Kiev, Lublin, Krakow, Warsaw, Vienna, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin.

A number of oil paintings and drawings are in private collections in Ukraine, Germany, Japan and USA; an original poster print in the French Embassy in Kiev.

Selected Publications
2017/11/01 Natalia Kryazh, “Kirill Marlinski: With Masks and Without”, TV Park #44/2017, Ukraine
2017/10/25 Anna Parovatkina, “Decentralisation and Art”, Day, Ukraine
2017/10/30 Anna Arhipova, “Points of Contact”, I-PRO, Ukraine
2015/09/28 Casey Jones, “ArtPrize Adventures…”, NBC WOOD TV, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
2015/09/22 Jackie Greene, “New Venue for ArtPrize”, FOX 17 TV, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
2014/08/13 Kateryna Kovalenko, “Protest on Wheels…”, PLATFOR.MA, Ukraine
2014/08/07 Lidia Akryshora, “European Tour of Ukrainian Automaidan”, Deutsche Welle, Germany
2014/08/06 Alyona Kachan, “Automaidan came to Berlin”, RFE/RL Radio Svoboda, Czech Republic
2014/07/29 Arina Makarova, Interview, “…regarding Donbass and Mistrals”, Radio France Intl., France

Professional Experience
Since 2014 Art
2013 – 2015 Activism
Automaidan Kyiv – co-founder, Board Member
The West Wing Project – activist
1999 – 2013 Commerce
Sales with THG/MarcusEvans, Vents, Intercomp, Georgetown Tobacco
Various with ViaCube, Herrenknecht, Berlitz, Avantgarde

2004-2007 Mag. Management, National Aviation University, Ukraine
2001-2004 International Business, George Washington University, DC, USA
2001 University of Chicago Laboratory High School, Chicago, IL, USA

Fluent in English, German, Russian, Ukrainian