Studioberry, 40*50cm, oil/canvas, 2016

Time is Money

How much is an extra hour of worth when You lay on Your death bed and just need that extra time to say just that one thing to that one person? I bet, it could be a fortune, it could be all. And you’ll be right… Or maybe you’ll have nothing to say. Who knows…

Oil Paintings in the Studio of Kirill Marlinski

Collect Art – Create Culture

As a painter one may consider self as a creator of culture, but do we actually create culture, when we create artworks? My answer is no – we create cultural stimuli. Creating a masterpiece is just a part of the equation that must be accompanied by a further interaction with the viewer and a resulting intellectual […]

Wenn Wolken wie Flüsse die Taler Einfüllen, oil on canvas, 50*40 cm, 2014

Why do I create?

I create because I occupy this world for just a moment. I’ll better spend this moment doing what I love. I love Art. A spark of truth that can light up whole haystacks of lies and change an individual. The individual can positively change society through embracing own vulnerability and reconsidering subjective, superimposed perceptions to unveil and accept […]