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“Discovering new perspectives is vital and Marlinski does it well,” says Anna Parovatkina – a reporter for “The Day” newspaper. Following is a translation of her article:

Decentralization as art!

A solo exhibition of Kirill Marlinski paintings has laid the foundation for a new cultural initiative by “U-LEAD with Europe” U-LEAD’s offices in Kyiv are located on the fourth floor of a regular business center.

Anja Fischer – Team Leader of Sectoral Decentralization of the “U-LEAD with Europe” program, which is financed by the EU and Member states like Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Poland and Sweden – explains that thanks to this program Ukraine finally got a chance to adapt a European spirit – one of a functioning public self-government.

Kirill Marlinski’s vernissage opened an interesting new cultural platform in the “House of Decentralisation.” The exhibition that includes works from the “Great Unmasking” series and other oil paintings has laid the foundation for a series of shows of contemporary Ukrainian artists.

I have heard about Kirill Marlinski before, but in a context not connected to Art. He became one of the founders of NGO “Automaidan Kyiv” during the Revolution of Dignity. Later he toured across Europe with the volunteer-run “West Wing Project” to acquaint Europeans with an unknown Ukraine, which is fighting for freedom, liberty, for Europe. However, his mentions of these services and other merits were not ostentatious. As we walked down the Paysage Alley, Kirill turned out surprisingly modest – this multilingual intellectual from Kyiv.

– After Maidan something changed within me, – confesses Marlinski. – I couldn’t just make money any longer. I left a good career… now I only do Art and feel absolutely happy.

Neither did he brag about that his new calling turned out very successful. Just in three years his works have been displayed at the Art Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine) and the famous contest-festival ArtPrize7 (Grand Rapids, MI, USA). Marlinski’s artworks are in private collections in the USA, Germany, Japan, as well as, in the French Embassy in Ukraine.

The artist, without an “academic” art education, creates amazing, masterful, neo-expressionist works, skillfully playing with colour and… the sub-conscious. The Marlinski sense of color is stunning: the harmony of bright, bold combinations brings to mind the canvases of the legendary Vasily Kandinsky (one of the founders of abstractionism in the former USSR). Well, as for the power of influence on the audience, the Kiev artist owes it to a notable love of optical illusions, Op art and a working “game” with mythological, poetical characters and images. Hence, his series “The Great Unmasking” is more than a “shamanic” geometry of masks. For example, figures are visible in the background as if they escaped a dream. You look – as if you listen to a fantastic story.

– The house of decentralization unites various organizations that promote reforms of local self-government in the regions of Ukraine. With the help of art, we want to expand the already existing dialogue with our partners. After all, art itself reflects how the Ukrainian society is changing. And it allows you to talk about any issues that are topical for people, – says Anja Fischer. – The exhibition of Kirill Marlinski will last into the New Year. Gradually we expect to involve other young Ukrainian artists into this program.

Written by Anna PAROVATKINA

Photos by Iryna Stoyka

Translation and everything else by Kirill Marlinski

“The Day,” #190 (5037), 25.10.2017


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