Imperfect Conscience

Imperfect Conscience, The Great Unmasking Series, Mask, Large Oil on Canvas Painting, 100*110cm, 2017 MMXVII, Contemporary Art by Artist: Kirill Marlinski

Is this a spontaneous creation? Not sure. What I can tell You is how it came to be…

Like in the evolution of our kind – we are not exactly sure how to answer the question – why. We grasp closer to the truth within the limitations of reason…

First there was red on canvas. A red so bright, shiny, hot like lava. A ruby-like brilliant flow that cooled down and solidified all the traces of its movement for ages to see. It cooled down just enough for a new layer of marvelous, transparent blue to appear on the surface like the oceans that after being vapor explored their new liquid state. As we know – where’s water there should be life. That is exactly what came to be on earth 3.8 billion years ago as amino acids bonded to form primitive cells… and the yellow lumpy paint on this canvas became the starting point for the shapes and forms of the painting… that’s life.

This yellow “life” interacts with the blue to get the green, with the red to get the orange. Through these interactions it got not just new colors, but forms. Among the shapes that appeared was a resemblance of a mask – a symbol of life with conscience that sprung up from spontaneity. The Imperfect Conscience was born.

Imperfect Conscience, Mask, Oil on Canvas, 100*110cm, MMXVII, Marlinski

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