Patterns of Art, Ideas, Intellect, Insight

Art is made of Ideas. What You get is a handicraft that You interact with and only through this interaction it becomes Art. Every single piece of Artwork ever produced exists in Your world only in the moments as it interacts with You.

You may have seen Gioconda in person years ago, but now, suddenly, You can envision Her again and see and think. This is impact. The impact of different Art has a different degree on a scale from being blank to influencing the world as You know it. Can You buy or sell such an impact – no, but you can make and share it. To share these ideas You will be well equipped if you own the piece of handicraft as your physical, visual stimulus and that’s what You add to Your collection. A collection of intellectual stimuli.

You revisit images as You browse Your collection and maybe gain some new insights. That is a great feeling.

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