Les Fleurs

Why flowers?
The most innocent, the most beautiful… “All I did was to look at what the universe showed me, to let my brush bear witness to it.”
– Claude Monet 
Les Fleurs d'Éminence, Mixed media and oil on canvas, 60*90 cm, 2015
In this painting beauty is accidental, as well as the flowers themselves. It’s a painting as abstract as no other in its roots. I’ve prepped the canvas and randomly applied gesso to provide for a heavy structure in a future abstract painting. After a few weeks, I came back to this prepped canvas and started putting on some colors to see abstraction transform into organic forms. As I let the brushstrokes free, vivid flowers appeared through this captivating evolutionary process…

Jaune et Vert, oil on canvas, 40*30 cm, 2015
Inspiration is a great thing and it’s abundant anywhere we go, look or think. For example – just colours. Well, maybe not just colours, but my children’s favourite colours. My son loves Green and my daughter loves Yellow. And they, of course, love to play. And here’s a play of colours…
Les Enfants, oil on canvas, 30*40 cm, 2015
Once upon a time, my daughter asked me to paint children – the flowers of our lives. Here they are many, playing, running, jumping out of joy all day on a green summer field so free to roam as dusk paints the sky rich blue.

La Dent-de-Lion, oil on canvas, 30*40 cm, 2015
My son asked me to paint a star and he got it – a dandelion star. It shines beautifully and he loves it!

La Pivoine, oil on canvas, 5*5 cm, 2015
A small gesture can have a big meaning. A tiny canvas can become a nice painting. A little present can create a big smile. For the loved ones.