Mr. Pink, oil on canvas, 100*100 cm, 2016, Painting, MMXVI, Contemporary Art by Artist: Kirill Marlinski, Mask, The Great Unmasking SeriesGreat Unmasking

The Great Unmasking series seeks to unveil the true human in the modern being, which faces compromises and embraces many roles throughout life that become layers of masks. The process of unmasking of the author puts his masks on canvas. Each of the masks in this series is fueled by the author’s strongest of emotions, beliefs, paradigms, which may relate to the viewer and invite him/her to explore the personal relationship to a particular mask and the general concept.

There are many reasons to wear masks and not wearing one is practically impossible, yet, consciously realizing how and why we do it in every particular case is of utmost importance especially in an ever more technologically enhanced world.

Fuzzy Concepts - Series of Oil PintingsFuzzy Concepts

A series of paintings that can be seen even by the blind, because the featured artworks are vivid in the tactile dimension as much as in the visual. The unifying trait of the paintings in this series is that they intentionally hide something from the viewer. The lack of clarity about their underlying ideas leaves much room to fantasize, play with meanings and reflect on your own persona, as much as, digging into the artwork itself.

Several of these paintings seem figurative, whereas others play with shapes, colors and hues leaning towards visual abstraction. All the artworks in this series are executed using a curious technique that combines elements of classical painting, pointillism, splash painting and other techniques.

Birth of a Nation, Oil on canvas, 45*35 cm, 2014

Tales of Revolution

This series of oil paintings was inspired by Euromaidan and the Revolution of Dignity that changed the vector of political development in Ukraine, as well as, the vector of personal and professional development of the author. The revolution in Ukraine has contributed greatly to Kirill Marlinski becoming an artist.

Being part of the revolution, experiencing violence, seeing death, facing quite real threats, fighting for a common cause, living for an idea, embracing the unknown future, witnessing the unity of a nation, believing in greater values – it is truly dignifying and life changing. Enjoy the Tales of Revolution and God save you and your country from such injustices that would bring you onto the streets.

Peony, oil on canvas, 5*5 cm, 2015, Painting, MMXV, Contemporary Art by Artist Kirill Marlinski

Les Fleurs

How can you not strive to capture the smile when “the earth laughs in flowers” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)?

No wonder that the true artist “must have flowers, always, and always” (Claude Monet). And what else would you need if you’re endowed with the great power to witness when “a flower blossoms for its own joy” (Oscar Wilde) and even more so, when you are blessed to enjoy “perfumes (that) are the feelings of flowers” (Heinrich Heine).

Above all – even the most beautiful flowers begin their life in dirt. Stay rooted, my dearest friends, and bloom, bloom, bloom.

Paramianna, oil on canvas, 40*30 cm, 2015

Selected Paintings

Variety is the spice of life and it is rewarding to explore the countless options that artist’s freedom offers. No guidelines, no limits. Sometimes, when the brush touches the canvas you just let it go and see where it will lead you, what kind of images will appear and you let the brushstrokes define you instead of the other way around. This way stories from the subconscious are told and dreams unfold.

Here is a selection of artworks that are not aligned into series and tell stories on their own in a variety of styles and subjects. Some were quick to release emotions, others required a lot of time and persistence. Still, one common trait unites them – I would not dare keeping them veiled from You.