Fast Food Nation

Running in. Ordering stuff. Stuffing it in. Running out. So many people. I sit down.

Some girl grabs a seat and starts pushing a burger into her head. I almost cry. It looks like she hasn’t eaten for days. I feel like her jaw is about to crack, but the BigMac fits. I draw her mouth closed. She’s done already. Disappears.

I overhear a phone conversation. A fine lady from Odessa is in Kyiv for a visit. A thick pack of fries some big burger and a Coke is on her menu as she speaks.

I didn’t even notice how fast she consumed it all… like a hungry animal. But a skinny, sporty, good looking, manicured kind.

In any case I am astounded by her ability to speak on the phone consume all this food simultaneously. She neither stops speaking nor eating for a second. Her words run in rhythmic unison with the muscles moving her jaw to chew.

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The men eat even faster than the women there. Maybe it’s because they talk less. Often I notice people that I wanted to sketch just a bit too late and they leave me with just a shadow.

Relaxed, anonymized by the city, most people feel surprisingly comfortable when they notice me drawing them. Others are in visible distress when they enter and order something. There is discomfort in their eyes and the amount of non-verbal information that they convey is huge. As these girls/guys take a seat they barely manage to sit still.

Some people talk to their company, others on the phone, some just eat quietly. Many meet there for business at McD’s. And I draw.

It’s all so odd.



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