Kirill Marlinski in his Studio
1. Kirill’s Art is for sale.

2. Kirill is a conceptual Artist active in oil paint, sculpture, drawing, drafting, graffiti, performance, video, etc. Open to collaborations.

3. Shall You care for more detail – I’m honored. This is for You:

Kirill Marlinski was born in 1983 in Kiev. He grew up in the Soviet Union, Ukraine, Germany and the USA, went to six schools, two universities and moved more than 15 times to settle in Kyiv. A constantly changing environment played a key role in shaping Kirill, forced him to adapt and provided an unconventional set of perspectives. He had a variety of experiences as language teacher, market analyst, recruiter, salesman, salesmanager, coach, leader. Now he is a familyman and an artist.

Transformation is inevitable. A series of curious events changed his life starting November 21st, 2013. Kirill has quit all commercial activity to focus full time on new roles: activism and volunteering for what became known as the Euromaidan and the Revolution of Dignity. He took part in the Automaidan movement and co-founded NGO “Automaidan Kyiv”. The revolution ignited streets outside and the souls within… During this time of drastic change, through organizing mass demonstrations and manifestations, Kirill rediscovered his affinity for Art, which has been hidden under layers of compromise for about twelve years. It’s been a long quiet before the storm of creativity erupted like a volcano in the midst of the ocean causing huge tsunami waves to wash away all that’s been done giving Kirill a fresh canvas for a new stage of life. The life of an artist.

Not surprisingly, among the first prevaling topics for his Art were social issues raised during Euromaidan / Revolution and the Russian war that followed. An outstanding historical moment to change society, the nation, the future and the self. Everything – boiling. Everyone wanted to make new sense and seek a new point of balance. Seeking a balance within the internal and the external worlds is an Art in itself and this was the initial step in fortifying the belief in this new stage of life.

Molotov cocktails, poster and banner design for protests and manifestations, politically charged stencils, graffiti, then public performances on an international scale and somewhere in between all these boiling points Kirill’s brush touched the canvas and opened the gates to the new love of his life – oil painting. Kirill found a state of mind, where change, transformation and vulnerability could be freely embraced to become transcendental characteristics within his paintings – the common denominators for abstraction and realism. Capturing the ephemeral and displaying it in a new light is Kirill’s way to create a unique heritage for future generations.

Creating the Marlinski Legacy of Art. Not to be taken lightly – a mission of a lifetime, a purpose, which is worth all dedication, a cross to be carried and one of the greatest of joys – all at once. To be the Gesamtkunstwerk. Kirill has become passionately devoted to creating in all kinds of media. He explores the physical, metaphysical, psychological concepts of human being from imperfect perspectives. Some of his works unveil truths, curiosities or subtle meanings, while others conceal the blatantly evident. Kirill considers that perfection is a flaw, beauty is a coincidence, rules are there to be broken, open to contradiction and always learning.

He believes that originality is the greatest value in Art and he pursues it in his calling.

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