MUSKA, 100*100cm, oil, MMXVIII


И вот снова я задался вопросом: “Что такое художество?” – “Это уравнение.” – сразу я получил новый ответ. И как немец я спросил: “Почему?” Недолго заставив себя ждать, я ответил: “Перед ним все зрители.” И это уровняло всех. Меня. Тебя. Мы зрители. Мы, ты, я, подсознание. Не думай, что я, как художник, понимаю произведение лучше […]

Mask Series

Evolution of the Mask Series

“In the beginning was the Word…” – I disagree. In the beginning was the Thought, and the Thought was with Art, and the Thought was Art. The word is just another imperfect medium for thought. It is up to us to decide, which medium to use to interpret, materialize and communicate the thought. As a […]

The Essence of Trust

The Marlinski exhibition opens a new stage for art shows in the heart of Kiev. The EU and member states like Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Poland and Sweden run a variety of practical reforms in Ukraine from the House of Decentralization, which from now on will host works by Ukrainian artists. Here’s an interview from the opening […]

To the great endeavour!

More than Art

“Discovering new perspectives is vital and Marlinski does it well,” says Anna Parovatkina – a reporter for “The Day” newspaper. Following is a translation of her article: Decentralization as art! A solo exhibition of Kirill Marlinski paintings has laid the foundation for a new cultural initiative by “U-LEAD with Europe” U-LEAD’s offices in Kyiv are […]

Altar, oil on canvas painting, 300*100cm, MMXVII

By the Altar

The watching game is there, but who is watching whom? I stand and sketch like no one can see me, yet feel the gazes of the room. Should not the altar occupy those minds and pens that freely draw ahead The flawless beauty never shy to bare her forms from toe to head? Yet naked […]

Fast Food Nation

Running in. Ordering stuff. Stuffing it in. Running out. So many people. I sit down. Some girl grabs a seat and starts pushing a burger into her head. I almost cry. It looks like she hasn’t eaten for days. I feel like her jaw is about to crack, but the BigMac fits. I draw her mouth […]

There’s a Ghost in Town… 

…  a ghost street to be exact. Kiev is an old city and hundreds of streets have been appearing and disappearing over its lifespan. I took a walk and discovered another side of town… A great and visible example of a ghost street is Petrivska Street, which is right in the middle of the city […]

Imperfect Conscience, The Great Unmasking Series, Mask, Large Oil on Canvas Painting, 100*110cm, 2017 MMXVII, Contemporary Art by Artist: Kirill Marlinski

Imperfect Conscience

Is this a spontaneous creation? Not sure. What I can tell You is how it came to be… Like in the evolution of our kind – we are not exactly sure how to answer the question – why. We grasp closer to the truth within the limitations of reason… First there was red on canvas. […]